We have 1,000’s of happy customers


We always provide a professional and friendly service


Our reputation for honesty and integrity speaks for itself

We love to process metal

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Copper wire, copper cable, copper pipe, radiators, copper tanks, braisery... anything copper!

Top prices always paid for Aluminium.

Top prices paid for Batteries


We promise to give the best price of Lead in the west midlands.



We always pay top prices for cable.  Cable recycling is a joy to use.







Here at Levi Walters we make humble and mindful use of the earth’s gifts. What comes from the earth must go back. Do not waste, do not harm the land or people or animals. Reduce, recycle, reuse, reuse....


A Complete Service To Industry

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Levi Walter Metal Merchants Ltd is a competent metal processor, providing an outstanding

service based on integrity and transparency.


Our reputation as being a reliable service partner in the recycling sector is second to none. We work with individuals and cooperation’s that are looking to achieve the highest possible standards

ensuring all material is mutilated responsibly. 


We guarantee that that all waste streams are destroyed and that they will never re-enter the supply chain.

Levi Walters is committed to quality excellence and has a number of strict internal procedures that ensure total compliance and gives our clients the added reassurance that is much needed in the industry today.




180 Bloomfield Rd, Tipton, West Midlands, DY4 9BS.

Email: enquiries@leviwalters.com
Tel:  0121 557 2372


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